Plans & Dreams Volume I $50.00

This book from Paul Gartside is a collection of 23 essays, each accompanied by a full set of ready-to build boat plans. The essays provide relevant technique and professional know-how along with musings on the world of boats in general.

All the plans are for wooden boats spread across the categories of power, sail and oar. They range from the simplest plywood pram dinghy to sailboats of the most sophisticated traditional construction. There are twenty three complete plan sets, plus a final chapter containing detailed deck and mast ironwork drawings.

Whether you are looking for the next building project or simply enjoy pondering the possibilities, this volume will provide endless distraction.

The essays were first published in the magazine Water Craft. They have been re-formatted for the book with additional photographs. 

Book size is 11.875 in. x 9 in. x 2.7 lb. x 224 pages 

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Plans & Dreams Volume I
Plans & Dreams Volume I Plans & Dreams Volume I Plans & Dreams Volume I Plans & Dreams Volume I Plans & Dreams Volume I Plans & Dreams Volume I