26 ft Gaff Cutter, Design #116

This simple transom sterned cutter was especially designed for home builders. It is a fairly deep, fine lined hull and should be a good sailer.

Construction is glued wood, consisting of a layer of strip planking over laminated frames on 24-inch centers. This is followed by two layers of cold molded planking, one diagonal and one fore and aft, for a strong, stable structure.

The mast is shown deck stepped in a tabernacle for ease of lowering. Alternatively, it can be keel stepped for added peace of mind. The mast is hollow with a pole topmast to make handling the topsail simple.

The interior layout has three berths, with the head forward in the forecastle, and galley aft. Auxiliary power is a two cylinder diesel.

One of these designs is being built in Norway by Rune Burdahl. He has sent us some photos of his work

Construction: strip planked/cold molded over laminated frames

Length: 26 ft 0 in
Length waterline: 24 ft 0 in
Beam: 8 ft 9 in
Draft: 4 ft 10 in
Ballast: 4500 lbs
Displacement: 10,950 lbs
Sailing rig: Gaff cutter
Sail area: 515 sq. ft
Fresh water: 125 liters
Fuel capacity: 75 liters
Building time: 5000 hours
Skill level: High

Design #116: 6 Sheet

26 ft Gaff Cutter, Design #116
26 ft Gaff Cutter, Design #116 26 ft Gaff Cutter, Design #116 26 ft Gaff Cutter, Design #116