22 ft Double Ended Cutter, Design #106

This is a design for a roomy trailerable weekender. The client lives in the interior of BC, so this one is likely to see lakes as well as coastal cruising. She is designed with a diesel under the bridge deck for punching into lumpy head seas. In the meantime she has the capacity to ride happily on her trailer to parts of the coast we might never have time to reach otherwise, and explore every nook and cranny, anchoring close into shore. Between journeys she can be kept at home where she is easy to care for and right there to admire every time we pull into the driveway.

Construction is triple skin red cedar, with two diagonal layers and one fore and aft. A pair of longitudinal stringers plus bulkheads and joinery provide the stiffening. There is an external lead keel of 900 lb. with the slot for the centerboard cast in. The centerboard is wood to avoid the need for a lifting tackle and the possibility of its getting bent and jammed in a hard grounding.

The rig is a straightforward gaff sloop, with a topsail. One could add a reaching spinnaker on an outhaul to the end of the bowsprit to add to the fun.

Construction: cold molded

Length: 22 ft 6 in 
Beam: 7 ft 9 in 
Draft: 2 ft 10 in; CB down: 5 ft 3 in 
Ballast: 900 lbs
Displacement: 4200 lbs 
Sailing rig: Gaff sloop
Sail area: 280 sq. ft 
Building time: 1800 hours 
Skill level: intermediate 

Design #106: 6 Sheet

22 ft Double Ended Cutter, Design #106
22 ft Double Ended Cutter, Design #106 22 ft Double Ended Cutter, Design #106 22 ft Double Ended Cutter, Design #106