20ft Steam Canoe, Design #185

This new design for a small steam boat takes its influence from the hull form of the North American.  The construction method also borrows from canoe practice with close spaced steam bent frames of thin rectangular section overlaid with two layers of thin planking for a stiff stable structure that will stand up well to being kept out of the water.

 The hull is suitable for steam plants on the 2HP-5HP range and would also be a good match for an antique gasoline engine or even an electric plant.


Double planking on steam bent frames, fully glued.

Length: Overall     19 ft 9 in
Length Waterline  18ft 6ins
Beam                    5ft 0ins
Draft                     1ft 4ins
Displacement        1500lbs approx.
Building time         1600 hours
Skill Level              Intermediate

Design #185         5 Sheets

20ft Steam Canoe, Design #185
20ft Steam Canoe, Design #185 20ft Steam Canoe, Design #185