17ft 6in Garvey 'Zoom' Design #247

The traditional garvey either flat or V bottomed like this one is one of the most practical of small boat models.  Simple to build, easy to launch from a trailer, this is an ideal project for the home builder.  At 17ft 6in overall this is a roomy and stable boat great for fishing or transport, equally suited to work or pleasure.

Construction: Double skin planking over sawn frames.

Length: 17 ft 6 in
Beam: 6ft 9ins
Depth amidships: 2 ft 0 in
Building time: 450 hours
Skill level: Basic

Design #247: 4 Sheets

17ft 6in Garvey  'Zoom'  Design #247
17ft 6in Garvey  'Zoom'  Design #247 17ft 6in Garvey  'Zoom'  Design #247