16FT Shoal Draft Launch Design #273

 With growing interest in electric power in small boats the editor of Water Craft Magazine requested a fresh look at William Atkins tunnel sterned launch ‘Twinkle.  Reimagined in plywood with an electric pod drive in place of the original gasoline engine, it might make a practical project for home builders and a simple way to explore the world of electric propulsion.  The result is design #273 that incorporates the flat bottom and tunnel stern of Atkins original with a livelier sheer and greater side flare for a prettier boat with great practical potential.  The drive shown on the plan is the epropulsion  1.0EVO though most small electric pod drives will fit.

Construction: Stitch and glue Plywood 

Length:                         16ft 0ins
Beam:                           6ft 6ins    
Hull depth amidships   1ft 11ins   

Power:                           Electric Pod Drive 3.0 HP equivalent 
Building time:  600 hours
Skill level:  Basic

Design #273   Three Sheets

16FT Shoal Draft Launch Design #273
16FT Shoal Draft Launch Design #273 16FT Shoal Draft Launch Design #273