16ft Daysailer, Design #226A

A 16ft version of #226 with a gunter main and jib in place of the lug rig.  This boat was built in our shop in 2019 and has proved to be a fast and exciting boat to sail.  An ideal family daysailer or single hander.

Construction: Edge glued carvel planking with glass cloth and epoxy sheathing inside and out.  Alternatively regular strip planking can be used.

Length overall         16ft 0ins
Beam                        5ft 9ins
Depth Amidships      1ft 6 1/2ins
Draft (board down)    3ft 10in
Sail Area                    139 sq ft

Building time: 1000 hours
Skill level:  Intermediate

Design #226A Five Sheets

16ft Daysailer, Design #226A
16ft Daysailer, Design #226A 16ft Daysailer, Design #226A