15ft Clamming Skiff Design #230

A simple flat bottomed skiff with its roots on Long Island Sound NY.  Boats of this type represent the simplest form of traditional construction and are eminently practical boats for work or recreation.   They can be built with little or no glue, just pine planking, nails and paint.  Great fun to build and a good great starting place for anyone interested in learning traditional methods.


Construction: Tradtional lapstrake sides and cross-planked bottom

Length: 15 ft 0 in
Beam: 5ft 0ins
Depth amidships: 1 ft 4 in
Power 5-15HP Outboard
Building time: 120 hours
Skill level: Basic

Design #230: 3 Sheets

15ft Clamming Skiff  Design #230
15ft Clamming Skiff  Design #230