12.9m Cutter, Design #174

A fast, light cruising cutter with plenty of volume and space below for comfort and an efficient, easily handled cutter rig. This is a boat for serious cruising folk that sleeps up to six but is easily handled by two. It was drawn for an experienced amateur builder in Auckland NZ who did a first class job of it launching in record time. She is currently cruising somewhere in the south Pacific. The plan set includes 12 detailed sheets and are drawn in metric units.

Plans use metric measurements.

Construction: Cold molded triple skin

Length on deck:   12.9 m                  42ft 4ins
Length waterline: 11.50 m                 37ft 8ins
Beam:                   4.06 m                 13ft 4ins
Draft:                     1.94m                    6ft 4ins     
Displacement:       10,740kg             23,630lbs
Sail area:                75.8 sq m           815.5 sq ft (100% foretriangle)
Building time:         8000-9000 hours
Skill level:               High

Design #174:  12 Sheets

12.9m Cutter, Design #174
12.9m Cutter, Design #174 12.9m Cutter, Design #174 12.9m Cutter, Design #174 12.9m Cutter, Design #174