10FT Sailing Dinghy, Design #231

This small sailing dinghy was developed from sketches made by 13 year old Finlay Morgan from Liskeard in the UK.  Although only 10ft 10ins in hull length it is a deep and beamy boat with lots of sail carrying power. .  Construction is strip planking with a light  glass cloth inside and out.  An ideal starter boat for a couple of youngsters or as a tender for a larger vessel.

Construction: Strip planking glassed inside and out.

Length: 10 ft 10 in
Beam: 4 ft 4 in
Depth amidships: 1 ft 5 in 
Draft: 2 ft 6 in
Sail area: 75 sq ft
Building time: 300 hours
Skill level: intermediate

Design #231: 5 Sheets

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10FT Sailing Dinghy,  Design #231
10FT Sailing Dinghy,  Design #231 10FT Sailing Dinghy,  Design #231