10ft Motor Launch "Pims", Design #156

This small launch is based on the 1927 Morgan Giles launch “Shush” which can be seen today in the Maritime Museum in Falmouth, Cornwall, U.K.  While the original is carvel planked, this one is triple skin on bent frames which is more suitable for a boat that will be kept largely out of the water.  As a tender to a larger vessel, a miniature pleasure boat, or simply as an entertaining building project this will be an absorbing and exquisite piece of work.
Construction:  Triple skin on bent frames

Length: 9 ft 10.5 in
Power: 1.5 hp to 3 hp

Beam: 4 ft 2 in
Depth amidships: 1 ft 6 in
Weight: 500 lbs
Building time: 1000 hours
Skill level: high

Design #156: 6 Sheet

10ft Motor Launch "Pims", Design #156
10ft Motor Launch "Pims", Design #156 10ft Motor Launch "Pims", Design #156