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I hope you will enjoy this updated collection of stock plans. Few pleasures compare with that of contemplating the next boatbuilding project, and there is surely no better distraction from the complexities of the world. As vices go it is entirely innocent—at least until the first load of materials arrives and the neighbours become alarmed.

Here you will find over six dozen boats ranging in size from six feet to fifty. Many are boats we have built ourselves; many of the rest were drawn for home builders. They are all wooden boats, though the construction methods run the gamut from traditional plank-on-frame through plywood and a variety of glued techniques.

All our plans are hand drawn to scale using pencil on rag vellum. With few exceptions the sheet size is 36 inches x 24 inches. All our plans require full size lofting by the builder before construction can begin. When purchasing plans, you may order them printed and shipped, or as digital downloads for local printing.

Study plans are available for all but the smallest boats. They contain sufficient information to allow you to assess the feasibility, do some costing—and perhaps romance the neighbours. 

Here are some points to bear in mind while pondering the possibilities.

Paul Gartside

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