24 ft Canoe Yawl, Design #82

This is an updated version of a design done several years ago, modeled after the canoe yawls popular in England around the turn of the last century. The combination of narrow beam and shoal draft requires high ballast ratio to gain sail carrying power but the result is a boat that should be a delight to sail—ideal for exploring areas where draft is restricted.

Construction is double fore and aft planking over bent frames. The centerboard, wood weighted with lead, drops through a slotted ballast casting. This is an intricate piece of work that will be great fun for the experienced builder or someone looking for a challenge.

The cabin has two berths and amenities for weekend cruising. There is no inboard engine; a pair of sweeps provides auxiliary power. This is one for the sailing purist.

Construction: Double planked ceder over bent frames

Length: 24 ft 0 in
Length waterline: 19 ft 11.5 in
Beam: 5 ft 10 in 
Draft: 2 ft 9 in; CB down: 5 ft 1 in 
Ballast: 2400 lbs
Displacement: 3880 lbs 
Sailing rig: Gaff sloop
Sail area: 283 sq. ft 
Building time: 2000 hours 
Skill level: High 

Design #82: 8 Sheet

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24 ft Canoe Yawl, Design #82
24 ft Canoe Yawl, Design #82 24 ft Canoe Yawl, Design #82 24 ft Canoe Yawl, Design #82