21 ft Koster Boat 'Sjogin' Design #176

The plans for this small double ender were drawn for a group of enthusiasts organised over the internet by Rod Brink of Fargo, Texas.  The hull lines are those of the Norwegian Koster boat 'Sjogin' owned by Russ Manheimer of Manasquan, New Jersey.  It was from Russ's measurements that these plans were made, modified somewhat and drawn up with a choice of three construction methods and four rigs.  It is a sweet boat with weekend accommodation that will appeal to the traditionalist regardless of the construction method chosen.

Construction: Glued clinker plywood, cold molded or traditional clinker on bent frames

Length: 21 ft 5 ins
Length waterline: 19 ft 1 in
Beam: 8 ft 6 ins
Draft, 2 ft 11 ins
Ballast: 1150 lbs
Displacement: 4170 lbs 
Sailing rig: Sloop, Yawl, Gaff Sloop or Gaff Yawl
Sail area: 214-245 sq. ft  depending on rig
Building time: 2500 hours 
Skill level: intermediate- high depending on construction method

Design #101: 12 Sheets

21 ft Koster Boat 'Sjogin'  Design #176
21 ft Koster Boat 'Sjogin'  Design #176 21 ft Koster Boat 'Sjogin'  Design #176 21 ft Koster Boat 'Sjogin'  Design #176