21 ft Cutter Design #279

The latest and likely one of the best in our family of small cutters is this iteration of plan #101 the 20ft Itchen ferry cutter.  These small beamy boats make wonderful coastal cruisers for the single hander or young couple.  This one is a foot longer than #101 with better interior room and seaworthiness. Construction is carvel on bent frames, the method that best suits the traditional character.  This should be a very manageable building project with a delightful outcome.

Construction:  Carvel on bent frames

Length: 21 ft 0 in
Length waterline: 19 ft 7 in
Beam: 8 ft 6 in 
Draft,  4 ft 3 in 
Displacement: 6630 lbs 
Sailing rig: Gaff cutter
Sail area: 388 sq. ft 
Building time: 3000 hours 
Skill level: High

Design #279: 7 Sheets

21 ft Cutter Design #279
21 ft Cutter Design #279 21 ft Cutter Design #279 21 ft Cutter Design #279