Special: Full Lines Plan $25.00

For many of us, the workshop has always been the best refuge, offering sanity in a crazy world. Perhaps this time of crisis is not the time to start on your dream ship, but there are other possibilities. Half models are the perfect small scale boat building project and are a good first step towards creating the real thing. Very little is required a thickness planer, bandsaw, a few hand tools, and a quantity of well dried softwood, and we are set for hours of absorbing work.


In that spirit and as encouragement to our valued customers and readers, we are throwing open our files of stock plans for the duration of the crisis. For $20 you may order the full Lines Plan of any of the designs in our online catalog. Type the name or number of your chosen plan in the note section of the shopping cart, and we will send a PDF of that Lines Plan (1 sheet) to you. 

You can email the plan to your local copy shop (Staples is still working, here on Long Island NY). Swing by and pick it up and you are ready to go.

For guidance I recommend Greg Rossel's book, Half-Hull Modeling, which may be ordered from the WoodenBoat Store. Don't forget to send us a picture of your work, and do stay safe!

$25.00 USD

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Special: Full Lines Plan
Special: Full Lines Plan