16ft Gozzo boat. Design #238

Based on a traditional Mediterranean fishing boat known in Italy as Gozzo boat, this design for a small motor sailer will be an  absorbing building project and a unique and practical dayboat.  The addition of a boom tent opens up possibilities of simple summer wanderings backed up by a reliable inboard auxiliary.

Construction options shown on the plans include traditional single skin carvel and two methods of glued planking, the overall objective being to maintain the look and feel of a well built wooden boat.                                                                                                                                                           

Length on deck:   16ft 0ins
Length waterline: 15 ft 0ins
Beam:                  7ft 40n
Draft:                   1ft 6 in
Displacement:    1800 lbs

Sailing rig:          Lateen
Sail area:            150 sq. ft

Building time:    2000 hours
Skill level:   High

Design #238: 5 Sheets

16ft Gozzo boat.  Design #238
16ft Gozzo boat.  Design #238 16ft Gozzo boat.  Design #238 16ft Gozzo boat.  Design #238