Tomales Bay One-Design "Jessie", Design #113

This is another design that was built in our shop. Because she was designed for California conditions, we planked her double skin on bent frames, to ensure stability of the wood, while preserving a traditional feel. Planking is red cedar. The inner skin is about 1/8 inch and runs on a 45 degree diagonal. The outer layer is about 1/4 inch thick and is laid fore and aft in epoxy glue. Decks are similar construction, double skin cedar with a 4oz glass skin.

This is an intricate piece of work and a good deal more time-consuming than single skin construction, but the result is very pleasing and should stand up well without a burden of maintenance.

See Custom Building Projects for construction and sailing photos. 

Construction: double skin on bent frames

Length: 15 ft 0 in
Beam: 5 ft 10 in
Draft, CB down: 3 ft 7 in
Weight:600 lbs
Sailing rig: Gunter sloop
Sail area: 116 sq. ft
Building time: 1000 hours
Skill level: high

Design #113: 4 Sheet

Tomales Bay One-Design "Jessie", Design #113
Tomales Bay One-Design "Jessie", Design #113 Tomales Bay One-Design "Jessie", Design #113