Beaching legs, Design #131/8 $30.00

Beaching legs are a safe and simple way to get a deep keel boat ashore, either for winter storageor just between tides for bottom work. Carried aboard when criosing they provide independence from haul-out facilities and a measure of insurance in the event of an emergency.

In Europe they have been used for hundreds of years, but for some reason are much less common in North America. We are frequently asked for details of their construction and setup.

This single-sheet plan gives full details of the legs used on the 22 ft cutter "Surprise". While actual dimensions must be tailored to the individual hull, the proportions and attachment detail shown on the drawing will work on most long keeled boats.

One sheet, insluded with "Surprise II" plans, or available separately for $30

Beaching legs, Design #131/8
Beaching legs, Design #131/8