7.50 Metre Diesel Launch Design #280


Here’s a large handsome launch laid out for relaxed cruises in sheltered water.  The commission came from tropical waters hence the open layout and sun awning.  Diesel power in the range 15-25Hp will be plenty for economical running at a speed of 5knots.  Construction drawings show strip and glass construction over laminated frames for simplicity and low maintenance.  The keel carries an outside lead casting of 200KG to set the boat down and give a steady feel.  Inside ballast may be used as an alternative.  This is a hull that would lend itself to other arrangements – with an enclosed wheelhouse it would make a delightful small cruiser.

The drawings are in metric units. 

Construction: Strip planking with fibreglass sheathing.

Length:                    7.50 metres                   24 ft 7ins
Length Waterline    6.56 metres                    21ft 6ins
Beam                       2.50 metres                      8ft 3ins
Draft:                       0.60 metres                       2 ft 0ins
Displacement:          2000 kg                           4400 lbs
Power                       12-18 kw                        15-25 hp
Building time: 1800 hours
Skill level: Intermediate

Design #280 Four Sheets

7.50 Metre Diesel Launch  Design #280
7.50 Metre Diesel Launch  Design #280 7.50 Metre Diesel Launch  Design #280