30FT Cutter, Design #212

Design #212 is a variation on our popular 30ft cutter design #109. This one has an increased beam of 10ft 6ins and a bermudan rig. The construction is detailed for traditional carvel planking on bent frames, the simplest and most suitable method for a boat of this character.  With full headroom and ample room for gear and supplies this is perhaps the perfect boat for the home builder with a dream of long distance cruising.

Construction: Carvel on bent frames

Length: 30 ft 0 in
Length waterline: 28 ft 3 in

Beam: 10 ft 6 in
Draft: 5 ft 10 in

Ballast: 6500 lbs
Displacement: 18,000 lbs

Sailing rig: Bermudan cutter
Sail area: 638 sq ft

Building time: 6000 hours
Skill level: High

Design #212: 6 Sheets

30FT Cutter, Design #212
30FT Cutter, Design #212 30FT Cutter, Design #212 30FT Cutter, Design #212